Don’t be caught out by Fraud

Just recently here at Fundamentals we have seen a massive influx in fraudulent enquiries, this week alone we have had 2 confirmed cases and another suspect (its only Thursday and a 4 day week!).  Hence, I wanted to share our experience with you all in the hope that it might help you become a little more vigilant. First of all, I would like to state that we were lucky and spotted it before we sent any orders so we have [...]


Equality for All – Unless you are Self Employed and Adopting

It’s a while since I have written a blog so please bear with me. This topic is something that has affected us personally hence why I felt it would be good to write about it and share it with others. As some of you may or may not know Anthony (husband) and I have been going down the road of adopting a child for the past 12 months, if any of you have any experience of this yourselves you will [...]


Top Tips for saving money on your office supplies

Here at Fundamentals 4 office we are constantly looking at ways we can help you to save money and offer you what you need for your business supplies and as a small independent business we know how difficult it is to ensure that you are never overspending on your everyday items. With this in mind we have compiled our list of top tips to share with you. • Shop on line – look at any top tips and it will tell [...]